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How to Get Your Central Air Conditioning Ready for Summer

As the weather warms up, ensure your air conditioner (AC) is in good working condition. While you could arrange professional maintenance, there are several things you can do before calling the experts. Once you have turned off the power to the AC, follow these steps to prepare your central air conditioning for summer and avoid getting caught off guard: 1. Clean or Replace the Air Filters Dirty and clogged air filters can restrict airflow, making the AC work harder to … Continued

6 Signs Your AC is on its Last Leg

If you feel that your air conditioner (AC) is on the way out, we have identified several signs that can help confirm your theory. The better news is that we can help provide a solution. Here are the six common signs that your AC needs replacement or repair: 1. Runs Continuously An aging AC unit may run continuously if it can no longer keep up with your home cooling needs. Some of the common causes other than age are a … Continued

All About Air Filters

Your central AC system keeps you cool and comfortable every summer by moving a lot of air, both inside and outside your home and air conditioner maintenance is important. Inside your home, there is an air handler unit that draws indoor air across the evaporator coil where the heat and moisture is extracted, leaving the indoor air cooler and more comfortable. At the same time, the cool air is re-circulated back to your home. Your air conditioner system’s air filter … Continued

Quick Steps to Make Sure Your AC is Ready for Summer

As we fantasize about summer, it’s important we prepare our homes for the warmer months ahead. While tasks like prepping the garden and cleaning your windows may have already made your summer must-do list, don’t forget to add AC maintenance. As the temperature outside warms up and humidity increases, our air conditioners work extra hard to keep our homes cool and comfortable. Proper AC maintenance ensures your AC unit is working properly and reduces the risk of costly breakdowns and … Continued

4 Benefits of Variable Speed Technology

There was a time when HVAC was simple. A furnace heated your home. An air conditioner cooled it. And just about everybody had one of those round, dial-a-temperature thermostats that were so easy to use. Technological innovations in heating and cooling have changed the game quite a bit. Today there are more options than ever before: Standard, medium and high-efficiency models All electric, dual-fuel, ductless or geothermal comfort systems Smart, programmable thermostats that “learn” how to control your comfort Communicating … Continued

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